See the shocking greeting style some kg/Pre-Nursery pupils demonstrated before their teacher.

March 11 2018, 20:10pm


The Usain Bolt style of greeting
The Usain Bolt style of greeting

The Usain Bolt style of greeting

It happened on Friday morning (9/3/018) that the class teacher in the Kg/Pre-Nursery classes came to tell me about a shocking but interesting occurrence in her class. This day unlike other days, her pupils of less than 2 years old walked up to her and greeted her in a unique style, just very similar to the famous athlete Usain Bolt 

Every one was surprised to watch this little kids do the unusual. Thanks to the computer age where kids now behave above their age. All the staff were surprised to see these kids do super-amazing things. 

Thanks also to the Montessori Method of education whereby our kids are exposed to practical realities that makes them do amazing things. You can't just stay watching; but try also to enroll your kids in Fortune Heights Montessori Schools now for a better input. 

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