See why Parents are still more influential over their kids as compared to teachers

May 23 2018, 20:00pm

Posted by Bukola


Parents are often said to be the first and best teachers a child has. Researchers and educationist support this notion and show that the influence parent have on their children’s education begins as early as pre-nursery. This parental influence goes beyond the parent-child relationship and it includes parental characteristics, involvement, income, and value on education as well as how parents interact with their children and their children’s school.

86% of the general public believes that support from parents is the most important way to improve a child. Societies today demand a high level of education and skill for a successful and stable future. Therefore a descent and proper education is becoming increasingly important around us. But as important as it is, schools are facing lack of parental support, involvement and influence to achieve this aim. A child’s education is shared responsibility of the school and the home.

Outside the school, the home is the most reliable source of learning, encouragement and support for a child. When a child misbehaves outside, people say they lack home training, not school training. This is because, a home is first of all school where a child learns morals and rudiments of life. Yet, these parental influences are often overlooked in discussions of a child’s schooling, achievement and success.

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