How to make money by just browsing

September 6 2018, 22:32pm

Posted by Ephraim.

How to make money by just browsing

It was very common in the past, when people make money by just browsing. such websites include the likes of; and bing reward.

however, if you search for such websites now,they would tell you that 'it is no longer available to Nigerians, but only to U.S.A residents or so.

but not to worry. have you heard about crypto tab browser? yes this browser is the latest bitcoin browser that now offers users, the same opportunity to make up to nearly 1BTC *equivalent of over 7,000 USD) which is over 2 million naira in equivalent.

this browser is faster, easy to use and very smart just like google chrome, firefox, mozilla and the rest. this is no scam. for this website is a school website. as such would not tolerate any fake information. Just follow the instruction below: 

so get your gadgets, especially your laptop, click on this link to download. However, do not go to other centres like google play store or so to get it, cos it will not mine for you. follow strickly the above link and there you are with the browser.

after the download, do not forget to sign in. then click on the top right side of your corner to also get your referral link, where you can share to friends and family on social media platforms as well. your complains and comments are welcomed, after making a try, thanks.

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