12 tips on Table Manners

December 10 2018, 02:47am


12 tips on Table Manners

We do not live to eat, we must eat to live

Animals and birds eat but they have their own methods of eating

The cow lowers her head but the bird pecks at food.

The pig gulps in a noisy manner, cat and dog eat greedily.

 But people are more developed animals.

They have reason and intelligence, and are related by God to reach a higher life hereafter.

So we have rules that tell us how to behave at meals. We call these rules table manner.


1. Come to meals in time. Wait until all are fully seated before starting to eat. Apologies if you are late. Say grace before and after meals

2. During the meals keep your elbow close to your side, sit up straight in an easy natural position.

3. Place your table napkin on your lap. It should not appear above the level of the table except when you have wiped your lips or fingers

4. Eat your food noiselessly with etiquette

5. Eat slowly- a little at a time and make sure that food being eating is not seen by others. Do not speak while eating. Wait until the food have been swallowed.

6. A knife is never to be used to put food in the mouth.

7. If the food or drink is to hot allow it to cool. If tea is too hot, milk may be added. It is impolite to blow on food or drink; tea should not be poured into a saucer for cooling

8. If bread is supply with the soup, small portion are broken off with the fingers as required. Bread is never put into soup or dipped in it.

9. Avoid dipping of bread or biscuit into tea or coffee.

10. Reaching across others for what you required at the table manner is not allowed. Ask to have it passed. "Salt please" ETC

11. As a general rule, speak only to those who sit next to you or opposite you. It is impolite to lean across the person beside you in order to speak to someone else

12. If you have to leave the table before the others have finished, ask to excused

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