4 Keys for a Goal Getter

December 7 2018, 02:43am

Posted by Ikyernum Sachia Ephraim

4 Keys for a Goal Getter

In life, everyone want to achieve a worthwhile goal. A goal that would turn their lives around forever. But only a handful get it right at the end. This brief article practically highlights the basis conditions among many on how to achieve one’s goal, they include:

1. FOCUS: Many goals are unattainable due to a shift from one’s original plan. If you look at a tiger, the season this animal is called by the name is due to its level of focus in getting its prey. The tiger would never be distracted no matter the multitude of other preys. Even if other preys get in his way while he is on the move for his targeted prey, the tiger would never go for them because that was not his original plan.

Thus, one must not in cooperate many goals in the course of pursuing a single goal, else such would end up losing everything.

2.  GETTING THE RIGHT TEAM: As the saying goes “NO MAN IS AN ISLAND” one needs people to succeed but not just people, I mean right ones. No man or organization would make it if they are harbouring the wrong set of people for the job. As such, one must get rid of such elements in a hurry if such must reach their goal.

4 Keys for a Goal Getter

3.  PASSION:  No goal can be attained when the runner do not have the zeal for it. Passion is like a fuel that empowers a goal-getter. It must run in your thought, emotions, your spirit and blood. Goals remains mere hope until the passion backed wit action is triggered. You may have all it takes to reach your goal but do not lack the virtue of “PASSION”

4.   DISCIPLINE:  Being disciplined is not easy but happy is the person that has it. One must condition his spirit, soul and body to a set of principles and maintain them if he must get to his goals. Discipline can take you to the top but it take discipline to keep you there. Discipline is not just physical torture but also having the right attitude towards duties and to one another. This entails getting rid of oneself from bitterness, anger, envy, hatred and jealousy, because the presence of these vice could destroy your heath and shades away favour from you.

Goal could be long term or short term, but whatever the duration, one needs either of the above qualities to make it. So implies them, put them to action and you will see results following.

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