Education at its Lowest Ebb

December 16 2018, 03:03am

Posted by Miss. Falodun Oluwabukola

The issue of falling standard of education in this country has gotten to the edge of the cliff. It has become a cause of concern for the stakeholders. This is as a result of our negligence and non-challant attitude towards education. The progress of any...

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12 tips on Table Manners

December 10 2018, 02:47am


We do not live to eat, we must eat to live Animals and birds eat but they have their own methods of eating The cow lowers her head but the bird pecks at food. The pig gulps in a noisy manner, cat and dog eat greedily. But people are more developed animals....

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4 Keys for a Goal Getter

December 7 2018, 02:43am

Posted by Ikyernum Sachia Ephraim

In life, everyone want to achieve a worthwhile goal. A goal that would turn their lives around forever. But only a handful get it right at the end. This brief article practically highlights the basis conditions among many on how to achieve one’s goal,...

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