Our dear esteemed parents, Welcome to Mr/Mrs Fortune Heights Montessori schools.

October 23 2017, 19:33pm

Our dear esteemed parents and guardians, we are glad to announce to you about our decision to introduce Mr and Mrs Fortune Heights. Winners would reign for a period of a whole session. This is aimed at exposing our kids to various educative programs that are going on in our society. As such, when they grow, it won't be a new thing to them. This of course would give our kids an edge over others who never had this kind of exposure. We must raise their moral to make them have a superior mentality and to start behaving like queen's and Kings. In that regard, this peagent is set to kick off in this End of year party. Winners of this great competition would stand to enjoy the following : First, he/she would be decorated as king and Queen. Such fellow would be free to dress differently in their costumes on Fridays. The person would also be granted a free tuition fee for a term. If that fellow uses our bus as means of transportation to school, that fellow will also be given a free ride for a term. So, what is your part to play as parents? You are to prepare our kids for the grand finale, encourage them in the best way you can to make sure he or she wins. Welcome to Mr and Mrs Fortune Heights Montessori schools, for 2017/2018 academic session.

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