What your kids must know before the general elections tomorrow

November 21 2017, 16:49pm

Finally, the general elections are to take place tomorrow between the hours of 8:30pm-9:10. Parents are advised to educate their children on voting on a secret ballot. Here just like the outside world, only the names of the parties would be inscribed...

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If you ever applied for the n-power program, then this opportunity is for you. Just check the link below

November 21 2017, 14:28pm

NPOWER PRE-SELECTION LIST OUT How to check if you have been pre-selected for NpowerNG Click the link below or copy and paste or alternatively type it into the address bar of your browser either on your phone or computer.

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Stars ✨ of the week for Grade 5

November 21 2017, 14:13pm

Stars ✨ of the week for Grade 5. They are Oshikoya Jumoke coming first. Oluseye Precious coming 2nd. Thumbs up Jumoke and Precious

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Stars ✨ of the week for Grade 3

November 21 2017, 14:11pm

We bring you this last updated star 🌟 of the week. I Grade 3, they include Akande Subomi 1st, Jesse Olurotomi 2nd and Boih Pamela 3rd

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This is funny. Find out below

November 21 2017, 06:52am

Here is what Adams told the delegates during his manifesto " if you will vote for me, i will ensure that the school fees is increased" Hahaha

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There is a Job Vacancy here, please apply.

November 20 2017, 11:55am

Very urgent pleaseIf you know any FEMALE, YOUNGER THAN 26 with 'COMPUTER SCIENCE or ENGINEERING' BACKGROUND THAT HAS COMPLETED NYSC and needs a VERY WELL PAYING job. There's an opening, please send your cv to today!.For females...

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All you need to find out about the general elections coming up this week Wednesday.

November 19 2017, 15:48pm

Our general elections Insha'Allah would take place on Wednesday being 22nd of November. The various candidates have already been grouped into the parties of the Progressives and the conservatives. Find out the party each contestants belongs to below....

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Position of the PRO

November 19 2017, 15:32pm

Here Emmanuella belongs to the progressive and Derek belongs to the Conservatives.

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The progressive here in the pic

November 19 2017, 15:30pm

Members of the Progressives posing in the picture here with their chairman Ibrahim

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Position of the secretary

November 19 2017, 15:24pm

Positions of the general secretary. Naomi belongs to the Conservatives party while Adams belongs to the Progressives.

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