You are passionate about teaching? Then hurry up and grab this opportunity

October 15 2017, 15:23pm

Code:    CHP/GMC/1017 Location: Ibadan Candidat eRequirements 1. He must be a Christian 2. B.Ed, or B.A in Religious Studies or related discipline 3. Minimum of 2 years experience 4. Between the age of 25 – 35 years Code:    AO/GMC/1017 Location: Ibadan...

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You can get a lot of information about Oyo state on this website

October 15 2017, 15:20pm

About Oyo, for Oyo

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What Fortune Heights Montessori schools can do for you on this blog.

October 15 2017, 12:40pm

Fortune Heights Montessori schools is a school located along Ijokodo/Apete Road, Ibadan. We are a government approved school, (both Primary and Secondary) aimed at tutoring pupils/students from infant to adolescent and the adult stage. In lieu of this...

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This is why we introduced subject teaching in Fortune Heights Montessori schools. (very funny)

October 15 2017, 01:49am

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Why we honor our Uniform men in Fortune Heights Montessori schools

October 15 2017, 01:44am

In appreciation of their selfless services to our dear nation, Fortune Heights Montessori Schools offer 50% discount on the tuition fees to all the children of our men and women in uniforms, e.g the Customs & Immigration, NDLEA, FRSC, NPF, NAF, CIVIL...

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See what the Proprietor of Fortune Heights Montessori schools says about Roqeebat and Ayomikun in Grade 3

October 15 2017, 01:41am

them young and we watch them grow. Ayomikun and Roqeebat were toddlers when they came to Fortune Heights Montessori Schools and to the glory of God, they are now fully grown to our great admiration. My wife used to call Roqeebat "Grandma" because of her...

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One thing many may not know about drugs.

October 15 2017, 01:32am

this with our children . WARN THEM! !!! Drugs are not cool So popular hip-hop musician Davido lost 3 three of his friends within 3 days under mysterious circumstances..Tagbo, DJ Olu( Son of Dapo Abiodun of Heyden Energy) and Chimezie . The world is accusing...

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What we mean by Star 🌟 of the week in Fortune Heights Montessori schools

October 15 2017, 01:22am

Star 🌟 of the week is where the performance of our kids in all the classes are duly accessed by the teachers. This include answering and asking brilliant questions during lessons in class, doing and scoring good marks in class-work and assignments as...

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See this beautiful poem composed by a Grade 3 pupil in Fortune Heights Montessori schools.

October 15 2017, 01:15am

A poem written by Ayomide in Grade 3Fortune Heights Montessori schools, as star 🌟 we are to the World. We shine our light for others to see. It's either us or no one else.

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Monkeypox disease

October 15 2017, 01:11am

Forget education, this mother takes a risk just to save her child

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