Islam and Christianity; Similarities and Differences

February 11 2018, 13:53pm

Posted by Ikyernum Sachia Ephraim

The aim of comparative Study of religions is not just a mere academic activity but geared towards inter-faith relations. The comparative and historical methods in the study of religions had long been pronounced a scientific study of major religions of the world. Max Muller (1856-1900), founder of comparative Study of religions had declared the approach a formal and independent field of study that does not pass any judgmental sentence on the truth claims of religions with a view to understanding deeply their areas of convergence and divergences. Information so derived from such study enables any researcher to make relevant recommendations or give useful information that would be helpful to a adherents of the religions been studied It is in light of the foregoing this paper seeks to compare and contrast the relationships between Christianity, African Traditional Religion and Islam, bringing out their differences and similarities. In achieving this task, the paper will first begin with the overview of Christian Religion, Islamic and African Traditional Religion.

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